We’re glad you’re here! By way of introduction we’re Magnifize, a company dedicated to helping publishers maximize and realize their earning potential from ad networks.

Throughout our combined 14 years experience in the digital advertising and marketing industry we have helped hundreds of bloggers, forums, and other content-focused websites increase their ad revenue from ad networks.

Here you’ll find general documentation and support for managing ad networks yourself, or you can delegate that task to us so you can focus your efforts on creating quality content.


aq_block_1-Ad Management

Ad Management

We're masters at using Google DFP and we'll manage as many ad networks as you choose and optimize them so you earn the most from each and every impression.

aq_block_1-The Ad Exchange

The Ad Exchange

Gain access to the Google Ad Exchange; a premium-like version of Google AdSense that pays on a CPM-only basis. We split all earnings with you 75/25.

aq_block_1-Learning Center

Learning Center

Visit our Learning Center where we share industry insights, trends, technologies, and techniques that promise to maximize your earning potential from ad networks.

aq_block_1-Help & Support

Help & Support

Seek help from our knowledgeable community and staff in our Member Forum. Receive personalized help and support to any of your publisher questions.


Chuck Bartowski

Chuck Bartowski

Founder, Ad Manager
Morgan Grimes

Morgan Grimes

Ad Manager
Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

Ad Manager, Publisher Support


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